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Aidan Ginor Zoom Tutoring

Help keep your children academically stimulated and prepared over the summer break!

Reading Comprehension


Math is an extremely important subject throughout academic life.The mathematics curriculum at Rodeph is rigorous, but through chats with the Rodeph math department, I am now well-versed in the skills and expectation needed for success in the classroom.  

What I Teach

Reading and analyzing text is a crucial skill to have at Rodeph Sholom and beyond. With years of literary experience through Middle and High School, I am well equipped to help your child dive into challenging readings and improve their literary skills!


Rodeph is a heavy "writing school". I can help re-familiarize and strengthen writing mechanic skills in addition to going over the numerous essay-writing resources I have received over my middle and high school careers. 


After 2 years of Spanish class in Middle School and 4 years of honors Spanish class in High School, I am now conversationally proficient in the language. I am able to help students grow more comfortable with their Spanish ability regardless of fluency level.  

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